About Us

KALAGRAM is the brainchild of the Chokhi Dhani Group- Renowned for its hospitality and theme village ventures across India.

The KALAGRAM easily boasts to be the largest and the most authentic retail handicraft village at Jaipur and now we have the Kalagram E-commerce website offering more than 10,000 arts and crafts of Incredible India available to YOU from your home and office.

Discover the rich Art and Craft of India
India has a rich lineage and diversity in its handicraft be it through its lifestyle, clothing, decor, architecture, home-furnishing or just the daily accessories.

The cultural diversity is so expansive that an effort to create a single platform for all the arts to be displayed is an stupendous task, but Chokhi Dhani Group ( CDG) has indeed done what no other entity could do!

Kalagram took shape by the sincere vision of the management to create rational forward integration for the craftsmen and the artisans for their sustained source of livelihood. We believe in removing the middlemen and creating a linear transaction cycle between the artisan and customers.

We further believe that our quality and price are driven by our core policy of Best price for the customer and sustainability for the Indian artisans.This is to authenticate that Kalagram is not an emporium or a boutique but a social initiative driven for the artisans and craftsmen of India.

To facilitate sustained livelihood for artisans and to provide authentic handicrafts at most reasonable price to the consumer, Kalagram was envisioned.We guarantee authentic handicraft at price which are the most competitive for equated quality norms.

As belief strengthens, the act follows and the cause turns to effect.

The vision of Chokhi dhani was do deeply fused with that of the artisans that the involuntary act of shaping the Kalagram was just pure destiny.