Explore the Lush Green Pashmina Galore Here! Dig in to Know More

Stylizing read ups on pashminas done already?

Don’t fret! This one is not going to be upon styles. Today, it will be about colour code decoding. And, that too the GREEN GAME.

A shade of nature and pure health, green has always been an enigmatic colour. Representing fertility and growth, this shade has all the features by which any pashmina can become something more.

Such an eye-pleasing colour tone needs no extra adjectives and therefore makes any pashmina stand out when imbued with it.

The green pashmina can be your 2020’s new retrofit. How? Keep scrolling!

green pashmina

To wear or not to wear – Green pashminas shawls and wraps

Pashmina scarf

This singular piece of cloth can make your mundane outfit take a spin. Match it up with a Warehouse square neck sundress in yellow and see how your everyday attire gets jazz.

Moreover, you can even opt for a green wrap with such a dress, as a wrap or a pashmina can make your dress become more chic and cool.

  • Green Shawl

Do you have a fascination towards the polka clan? If yes, then you better get yourself the latest Vintage Polka Dot Skater Dress troupe which has been doing the rounds in current fashion hubs. Any green shawl paired with such charming attires will surely set the stage on fire. It is the greenish tone of shawls that makes it such classic clothing.

Pale green hue scarfs

Afraid to go for a lighter shade? To tell you the truth, a lighter tone of green is quite serene to look at.

Additionally, you can couple any light-toned green pashmina with a bright, vibrant colour like orange. Yes, indeed you can pair it. The pale tone will come out perfectly when you match it with your orange shaded ASOS DESIGN smock dress. And if you go for the open backed diamond cut, then mate, you have hit the fashion high road!

  • Lime green pashminas

If you want one lime green pashmina, then sport an unconventional look.


Wear a bohemian shift dress or a strappy top and wrap a pashmina around your neck in a scuffled way. Moreover, if you don your hair into a knotty careless bun, then nothing more like it.

Okay, so we talked about bold and opulent colours like orange. But, if you really want to sport an extravagant shade, then no way can you ignore the cobalt bluish shades! Blue is intense and unflinching! So, pair it up with the edgy blue toned Lasula wrap over mini dress and see how you become a red carpet diva. A gorgeous blend, try this combination out ASAP!

More rich textures of a pashmina you can go for are –

  • Purple
  • Red
  • Yellow

However, make sure you have the right pair ups with you! Remember you do not want a faux fashion pass! And, lastly, pick a pashmina not hastily but with due patience. This retrofit demands a genuine shopping excursion.

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